Day One (also national Spaghetti Day)

Today, my son left the nest, took on his own wings, began his own journey, yada yada yada… He left home. He graduated from college in December and is moving clear across the country to Seattle, starting a career outside of being a student.  Hard to believe, 23 years have passed and he’s going off on his own.
Now, considering the fact that last year he was in Tokyo for most of the year (yes, he dealt with the earthquake, tsunami and so on), you’d think this wouldn’t bother me so much, his leaving and all.  The thing is, last year I knew he was coming back.  This time, his room is pretty much emptied out, his computers are packed up, he’s got a contract for 2 years working for Amazon, and well….I need to recognize that he’s off on his next journey!

In reality, as a mom, I am very proud.  He’s a good person, a fine young man(boy does that sound corny), and overall, he’s already and will continue to be a remarkable success. How can you be proud and teary at the same time.

Today is Bryan’s ‘Day One’ of being off on his own and also my own, as a parent letting go of my first born.

Bry….Safe journey!  KLB (Bry, you know what that means)  As for this blog, I’ll be rambling about my own upcoming adventures soon, so stay tuned…that is, if you’ve found this at all.

Oh, about the National Spaghetti Day in the title, I’m a foodie and  I notice food things, on calendars and otherwise.  I will blog about food. Today is also Trivia day. Trivia, I’m not so good at…but here’s a little factlet…Spaghetti is the most common round type of pasta and loosely translated, spaghetti in Italian means thin string.

bon appétit



3 thoughts on “Day One (also national Spaghetti Day)

  1. Hopefully going to get a new set of choppers is not your idea of MidLifeDreamin! Seriously, thanks for doing this. It’s a great idea! Sending you with love and prayers ❤ Kristi

    • Actually Kristi, I’m dreaming of how nice it would be to dive into a huge steak this summer! Been awhile since I’ve dared to have one! Woohoo!

      • I actually typed my Comment before reading your post. Read it after and thought how happy I am for Bryan. It’s hard to cut those strings, but what a joy at the same time.

        Wishing you a safe journey and adventure, dear one. I send you off on “the wings of a prayer”. ❤ Kristi

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