Next Adventure – Central America

So my son made it safely to Seattle yesterday and as of last night, he had found his first apartment. 1 bedroom, near Pikes Place, and I hear it has all the amenities (pool, gym, zip cars available in the parking garage and more). They even have hotel rooms for when mom comes to visit!

Meanwhile, I’ve started cleaning his room and have begun to envision it as a cozy guest room, one that’s always ready for guests instead of the typical room of one of my kids (translation, a total mess)!

Although I would like to start the room rehab right away, I can’t really think of paint and redecorating as I’ve got to work on my own upcoming adventure. In just a few days, we (‘we’ meaning my darling boyfriend, Steve and I) will be leaving for Costa Rica. We will join a growing group of world travelers who are medical tourists, folks who are finding that the cost of health and dental care in the United States has become so out of reach we are forced to leave the country for it. I for one, don’t have dental insurance and even if I did, it wouldn’t begin to cover the work that needs to be done.

Let me digress just a bit, this adventure really began last November. My favorite dentist retired after treating me, literally holding my old bridges together for close to 30 years. This forced me to see a new dentist, somewhat of a forced 2nd opinion, only to find out I need roughly $35,000 worth of repair and replacement , work and I need it now! Not wanting to refinance my house, I started looking at my options. That’s when I discovered medical tourism! Now, I’m not exactly someone who lives under a rock. I’m constantly on my computer, I spend countless hours on the internet, I have worked in the medical community, yet I feel like I discovered this whole new world! People are traveling all over the globe, not just from the US, the Brits are doing it, the Canadians, Europeans…All going to far off places and combining their need for medical or dental care with the opportunity of seeing a new country and the best part, they’re saving bundles of money! Oh and did I mention, getting first class medical care?

So, for the next 3 weeks or so, I hope to chronicle this adventure of mine and hopefully, dispel any trepidations some might have. We travel for fun, right? We know that people from all over the world train at Universities all over the world, right? Why not travel for treatment?

With that last word, my phone just rang…my brother, again. He’s worried. He’s already asked me if I’m sure about  this decision. Wants me to be in touch while I’m over there.  To reassure him, myself and anyone else, I feel like I’ve done more research into the dentist overseas than I have ever done in the states. Looking at the dentists credentials it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the local dentists may have been at a seminar or taken classes at some point with my out of country dentist.

Anyway, time to pack. Costa Rica here I come.  Best part, I get to escape the New Hampshire winter, even if only for a few weeks!  Oh and in case you’re into obscure holidays, today is National Bird Day.  Toss out some seed and bread for your backyard buddies.




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