Sharing the Angst

So, today I sat watching my daughter go thru the prep for a crown. Last week, I held her hand thru a particularly nasty root canal.  Both times she incurred significant pain and stress.  Today I realized that having gone thru both with her is truly adding to my own angst about my own upcoming procedures.  She had 1 root canal and one crown prep….I am trying to wrap my head around the idea that I need a root canal, 4 implants and 13 crowns!  Tonight, I am a wreck, to say the least!  I feel her pain and I’m already dealing with my own!

So, one might wonder if I really have crappy looking teeth.  Well, if you ask anyone, they look pretty good.  I’ve been a proud supporter of my dentists vacations for my entire lifetime, religiously seeing my dentist every 6 months for a cleaning and check up, daily flossing, 2-3 times  brushing and still, my teeth are crap.  Heredity and the lack of fluoride in the 50-60’s are to blame.

Anyway, teeth be damned…



2 thoughts on “Sharing the Angst

  1. I guess teeth are sort of like men … it can be difficult to live with them but in many ways you wouldn’t want to be without them either 🙂

  2. Karen…Having had multiple root canal, crowns, now implants, I feel your pain…But! You will be out for these procedures…and, implants don’t really hurt – there aren’t that many pain receptors in the bone up there…You’re gonna do fine! You’ve researched these people up the wazoo…and in 3 weeks it will be all over…that’s something to cheer about!!
    Sorry about Molly – root canals/crown prep should NOT hurt…I hope she’s okay soon…

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