How and Why I decided to become a Dental Tourist

So, before I start posting about the actual dental experience, I need to explain the diligence it took to get to this point. On November 2nd, 2011, after receiving the shocking estimate of work to be done, I threw myself into research mode.  My first stop, after Google,  was reading a book, Patients Beyond Borders by Joseph Woodman.  This is the book that truly opened my eyes that going elsewhere, going out of the country for work was not only ‘doable’ people all over the world were actually doing it. Google  sent me to articles in magazines and newspapers, such as USA Today, Newsweek and so on, blogs and first person accounts, all adding to the validity of the book.  I started talking to friends and friends of friends, mostly those who live near the borders of Mexico and found most of the snowbirds in Arizona are getting their dental work done across the border and have been for years.  The next month or so, all I did was research and read. I went to the dentists themselves and asked to talk with patients of theirs and got into email dialogues and phone conversations.  I settled on Costa Rica, primarily because the travel time out of Boston was less than most of the destinations in Mexico, or at least it seemed so at the time and also because I had never been to Central America.  This is, after all, medical tourism and I wanted to be a tourist as well as a patient.

Today is Epiphany.  Are you having a King Cake today?



2 thoughts on “How and Why I decided to become a Dental Tourist

  1. My friends have their dental work done in Chang Mai Thailand – but I have the address of a great dentist in Columbia – my fellow traveller had his teeth done for 200 pounds – 1 root canal, one cap, a couple of veneers – bargain and they look great too!

    oh and the hospitals in bangkok but ours to shame – amazing service!

    • Hi skinnywench, thanks for stopping by. I looked at Thailand as well as Hungary when deciding on where to go for my work. Being just a little bit nervous, I opted for one that would be a quick flight if I had to go back. Everyone I have spoken with has had nothing but great things to say about the medical and dental practitioners, in a word, first class treatment. The dentists will stay late, often drive patients home or go see them at their hotels, it’s nothing like medical care here in the states, where it’s easy to feel like you’re just a number.

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