Less than 24 hours to go

So, I recapped a little of what I went thru making the decision to go, yesterday was a day where the OMG factor came in. I woke up with a raging sinus infection.  Quick run to the Doc to get on super antibiotics, I’m just hoping this doesn’t impact the scheduling of my work.  My daughter thinks it’s because of all the vaccinations I’ve had in the past couple of weeks (Hep A, Typhoid), I think it’s just the stress of the holidays, my son leaving home for his new job, her dental work and getting ready for my own. Sent the doc an email to let him know what’s up.  If nothing else, maybe the first day or so will be touring instead of drilling while we wait for things to clear.

Today was a busy day. Banking  (the hotel wants US Cash), finish packing, notify credit card companies that I’ll be out of the country (wouldn’t want them to freeze my accounts due to unusual activity), pack the technology I need (laptop, cameras, kindle, cell phone and all the various chargers), make a list of important stuff and email it to myself (that way if I lose my wallet, bags, etc, I’ll still have the info) and I’m sure that list will just keep growing.

Incidentally, for a little over $70 a night, I’ll be staying in what is called an ‘aparthotel’, where I’ll have a small suite: bedroom, small kitchen and living area, free WiFi, full hot breakfast every morning, an in-house Italian restaurant (good reviews on trip advisor), screened in swimming pool, fitness facility and dozens of other medical/dental patients to chat with about our experiences.  I’ve talked with more than a few people who have stayed here and made friends, so I’m feeling okay about Steve leaving me alone there after the first week is over as I don’t think I’ll really feel alone at all. Matter of fact, one of my online ‘dental friends’, Deborah, is already asking if I want to go on a tour with her.  You bet!

Today is National Tempura Day.  If I wasn’t leaving the country tomorrow, I’d be so totally into making this!  I just love Veggie Tempura,  sweet potatoes a favorite!  But, alas, heading to a restaurant sounds more like it to me!  We’ll order our Tempura!

That’s it for today.




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