Insurance and Taxes, Oh My!

I had to laugh at today’s ‘Foodie Holiday’, mainly because you won’t see me going near these. Today is English Toffee day.  So, for those of you not having dental work, enjoy; and for those of us who are, well, we’ll put it on the calendar for another year.

So to answer one of the questions I have been asked, how does insurance (for those who have it) play into this medical tourism thing.  I do not have dental insurance, my daughter does however and the annual max they would pay is $1500.  Basically, the cost of a crown here in the states, barring any complications. That $1500 would go along way in Costa Rica! Obviously, you need to call your company, but from what I’ve read they’ll cover procedures out of country pretty much like they would if you had it done in country, difference is the cost of the procedures in Costa Rica are roughly 25% of the US cost.

One big difference I’ve seen in my Costa Rica dentist, the specialists are all in house, and even the lab is in house.  I won’t have to deal with having to juggle appointments between 2 or 3 dental offices to get the work I need done (the endodontist for an extraction, a periodontist for an implant, a general dentist for crowns), which would be sent out to a lab to be made then back again to have the permanent crowns installed)  Basically, in about a year or more later, I might be done. I am going to one dental office in Costa Rica and they guarantee their work.  One stop and hopefully, in my case, I’ll be a qualified candidate for immediate load implants and will be totally done after a little less than 3 weeks.  Oh, and did I mention that I’m getting away from New Hampshire in January?

If you plug medical tourism and insurance into Google, you’ll find more and more companies are looking at and even encouraging out of country medical procedures.  Medical Tourism – Healthbase – Interview with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield about Medical Tourism venture.

One more thing, it’s 2012 and almost time to think about doing taxes.  Assuming I meet the criteria of 7.5% of my gross and a few other factors, at least some of the trip, according to an article written by Steve Feinberg, a New Hampshire CPA, can be tax deductible.

Today we’re in the air mostly, we don’t land till late night Costa Rica time.  Enjoy your English toffee, I’ll be thinking of you!



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