Meeting the Dentist

Aparthotel Christina, San Jose Costa Rica

After 2 totally uneventful flights, our plane landed last night around 10 pm Costa Rica time and we were greeted by doctor Marco’s driver, Carlos, who was there to pick us up and one other patient.  I was very glad we didn’t have to figure out anything, being tired as we were.

The Hotel Christina is quite nice, we have a 1 bedroom suite, with a small kitchen, all spotlessly clean. Breakfast was made to order omelets, cereals, eggs, fruit, juices and great coffee, sitting around the pool. A nice way to start the day before going to meet the dentist and find out what I’m in for.

We grabbed a cab and arrived at the dentist office at 9 am Monday morning, signed in and sat and waited, and waited and waited. The 3 waiting rooms were jam packed with people., there are actually 3 waiting rooms.  If I were to do a quick guess on how many were waiting, I’d say at least 25.  The room we waited in held 6; 2 of us from NH, one from PA, one from Ontario and one from Italy. That seemed to be the way in the other rooms as you can hear all the dialects as people were chatting. I was finally called in for panoramic x-rays and impressions around 10:30.  After that, it was wait some more and around 1 pm, it was our turn to go in and talk with the Doctor about the treatment plan.

I should add that Dr. Marcos has a wonderful easy manner.  We chatted a bit about kids and he showed us pictures of them. When we first showed up, I passed him in the hall and introduced myself and he automatically asked about ‘Steven’, my boyfriend. Amazing he would remember who I was traveling with.  An appointment was made for me to return to the clinic at 5 pm this evening to start  the work.

After over 4 hours in the office (mostly waiting)  Steve and I found a small Soda not far from the clinic for beans and rice lunch (a Soda is basically a small local food place) made a quick run to the pharmacy for antibiotics and pain pills and found a local market for yogurt, cheese, banana’s and such just in case.  One thing I can say, it’s not easy to navigate around here. There are no street signs!  Even the map the clinic gave us had us going in the wrong direction. We walked enough to find the essentials today; tomorrow we’ll be back at it again.  Incidentally, for my friends up North, it’s 26 Celsius today (that’s a gorgeous 78.8 degrees).

So, for the foodies out there, did you know that January was National Hot Tea Month?  Coupled with today being National Apricot Day, I sense a nice combo!  Enjoy!

Time to head back to the dentist.



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