A Day of Waiting and Touring

Monument at ICE, Institute of Electricity, near our hotel

Today is Bittersweet Chocolate Day.  How appropriate.  Having major dental work is both bitter and hopefully, in the end, sweet.  Nuff said.

Last night they started my root canal and ‘installed’ the first implant.  I’m excited that this area of my mouth will no longer require a bridge. However, the doctor did feel that a delayed load implant was in my best interest, rather than an immediate load.  That means, regardless of what happens with my other implants, I will be returning to Costa Rica in 4-6 months. This could alter my travel plans for this trip significantly I am currently scheduled to be here for close to 3 weeks, time originally necessary for immediate load implants. Tonight I will be speaking with Dr. Marcos about a change in travel itinerary.  I am also questioning the amount of crowns proposed. I understand crowns for implants and root canals, but 5 of the proposed crowns were for lower front teeth so they would ‘match’ the rest of my smile (I have veneers on my front teeth from ages ago).  I am reconsidering this as I really don’t care if I have a ‘perfect’ smile.  If I decide I want them, I can do them on my next trip, since I have to come back anyway.

After last nights root canal and implant, the pain is tolerable with the pain meds prescribed and icing (I brought ice packs from home). The pharmacy we went to was quite different from US, the pharmacist handwrote on labels what the meds were and the directions.  I spent a part of this morning researching to see what I was taking and any contraindications. Cost of 8 pain pills and 10 doses of 1000 mg Amozicillin, around $45 US.  In talking with other patients, I heard of medications being delivered to someone’s hotel for $24.  Do your homework. In our case, we just walked to the closest pharmacy to the dental office. However, I did have time to discuss the medications with the pharmacist and what they were treating, you don’t get that with delivery.

Steve and I are signed up for a 3 hour tour of the city, a welcome respite from waiting rooms, even if only for part of a day. Weather today a beautiful constant of 80 F.

More tomorrow.        Karen


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