Post and Cores and Dental Implants, OH MY!

Costa Rica's National Stadium, opened Jan 11 2012, seats 35,000

Tour Bus Accident, middle of San Jose

So, yesterday we took a tour of San Jose. It was mostly a driving tour, taking us thru various neighborhoods, past cathedrals and the sports arena with the obligatory stop at tourist trap type shopping venues. The tour was to last 4 hours but was cut short, or long as the case may be, when the driver rear ended another car w/our tour mini bus.  This left us stranded smack dab in the middle of a San Jose intersection for over an hour. We’ve yet to hear anything back from the tour company if there will be any compensation for the loss of our tour time. If we don’t, you can bet I’ll mention their name here!

My appointment yesterday was scheduled for 5:00 PM and I was in the dentist chair by 6, not bad!  An hour and a half later, I had 2 post and cores installed (one saving a tooth I was sure would have to be extracted and doctor calling himself a genius on the save 🙂 ) and 2 implants. The work was all done by Dr. Marco’s father, Dr. Cavallini, who, with another surgeon, placed the first implant in all of Costa Rica back in 1980, so I’d say he’s got more than most as far as experience. He didn’t give me nitrous, and promised I wouldn’t feel a thing and he was right. He’s a kind and gentle man and also quite the comedian.  Likes to make you laugh after procedures probably because it’s fun to look at how droopy our faces are! I’m very grateful that all my work is on back teeth so I don’t look like a pin cushion when I smile!

Last night it was a bit painful after we returned to the hotel.  For dinner, we had ice cream, applesauce and Ramen Noodle soup that I had brought from home. My kids live on that soup but not me, first time I’ve had it in 15 years I bet, and suspect it’ll be another 15 before I have it again! I suppose the soup could qualify for the salt rinse I am required to do!

So, tonight I go back to the Dr’s for impressions so they can make my temporaries and maybe they’ll finish the root canal. Should be an easy night, mouth wise, as compared to the past 2.  I still can’t eat much as I can’t chew on either side until the temporaries are in.  We may find our way to the Italian Restaurant L’Olivio, upstairs, as I hear the food is fantastic and I can certainly slurp down pasta or a nice soup!

Today is a dual foodie holiday, it’s Milk Day and it’s also Hot Toddy Day.  I suppose yogurt counts as milk and I’m going thru a lot of that to combat the antibiotics destruction of my gut!  As for Hot Toddy, I’ve been told that drinking is a ‘no no’ right now, so guess I’ll put that one on the back burner.  Can’t wait to be thru all this dental work, back home in my kitchen where I can do more than just mention these foodie holidays!

Till tomorrow, Karen


2 thoughts on “Post and Cores and Dental Implants, OH MY!

  1. Glad to hear that all is going well. If a minor tour bus accident is the only negative experience you encounter, I’d say you’re doing well. Happy that you seem to be staying upbeat and that you have a nice warm environment in which to heal and sun. Love you …

  2. Kristi, You bet I’m upbeat! I’m getting needed work done at a fantastic savings over US cost and honestly, I believe far less pain than in the US. I swear the Novocain here is stronger (and goodness knows, I’ve had a lot of shots over my lifetime). Plus from what I hear, I’m escaping a NH snowstorm! Stay warm!

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