Wish I could have flown Southwest

Mercada Artesania, San Jose Costa Rica

Yesterday we went shopping.  Our cab driver took us to Mercada Artesania,  where we found vendors of locally made goods. We had fun hearing about the country’s wood and fabrics from the vendors and managed to grab a few treasures in the process.   Steve, who cringes at shopping anywhere, surprised me by tolerating it well. I’m so lucky that he puts up with how indecisive I can be!

One of many "Peace Parade' Doves seen throughout San Jose

Throughout San Jose there are elaborately decorated dove statues, the ‘Peace Parade’,they make a beautiful splash of color against the typical concrete and stucco.  This goes hand in hand with the Global Peace Index ranking Costa Rica  the 2nd most peaceful country in Latin America (Uruguay came in first) and #31 of the 153 countries on the GPI.  Factoid, they have no army in Costa Rica. They abolished their army in the late 40’s and they put the monies into education, culture and healthcare.

As for my ongoing dental work, the pain yesterday was minimal, nothing a few Advil can’t take care of. Amazing to have all this work and not feel like crap! Today’s appointment was to do impressions, I was in and out of the Doctors office in an hour and a half.  I thought I’d be getting temporaries for the 2 stage implants and permanent crowns for the 1 stage implant, but that’s not the case.  I’ll get temporaries and the permanents when I come back in 4-6 months.  This changed EVERYTHING as far as my stay here in San Jose, as I’m booked with room and flight until Sep 25th, and now they say I’ll be done on Friday!  So, on the phone with American Airlines, getting my flight changed to fly home with Steve this Saturday,  took a bit of work and a few $ worth of change fees (Gotta love Southwest, no change fees, no hassle, ever!).

Anyway, after straightening out our travel plans, we wrapped up the day with a wonderful meal upstairs from our hotel, L’Olivo.  I had a wonderful veal ravioli and Steve had Veal Saltimbocca. Highly recommend this restaurant, only about a dozen tables, wonderful cozy atmosphere and a menu that’s hard for a foodie to choose from (and impossible to find online as well).

Today, they will finish the root canal and probably crown it with a temporary, I assume all permanent crowns should be done at the same time to be sure the bite is even on both sides.  This phase of the work is almost done.  I have to admit, a part of me is disappointed to go back to freezing, snowy New Hampshire so soon. I love this summer weather, however, I do miss my daughter (who will only be home from college 2 more weeks), the 3 siamese cats (who I hear are vocally missing me), and I really wasn’t looking forward to Steve leaving me behind for a week and a half either.  This way, we’ll travel back home together and now that we’ve had a taste of Costa Rica, we’ll come back to visit the places left on our list (outside of San Jose).

The foodie calendars has today as Curried Chicken Day.  If I were home, you can bet I’d be making this, I just love curry!  I haven’t seen much in the way of Indian restaurants here, but we’ll be asking just in case!

That’s it for today.



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