Another Twist in the Road

So yesterday Steve and I walked to the Doctors office, it took us about a half hour give or take and a lot of questions if we were going the wrong way or not. Thank goodness we compliment each other with our sense of direction!  🙂   As I mentioned previously, the maps are vague as there are no street signs in San Jose. You really have to pay attention and hope for the best (and always always watch where you walk, there are potholes galore and the drivers are crazy!).  We also found a ‘Ropa Americana‘ store, basically a small consignment clothes shop. I’ve learned that the Tico’s love to import used American Clothes.  Anyway, I have less worries about arriving into New England’s bitter cold now, I managed to find a cheap mid weight jacket and the hotel will clean it for a half dollar or so.  It’ll have to do, I am not surprised that finding a winter coat in Costa Rica isn’t easy!

Xochitl soup

We stopped for lunch at a quaint Mexican restaurant, Maria Bonita, where we enjoyed ice cold beers and a meal outside overlooking a courtyard.  I’m still on nothing but soft diet, so it was soup again for me!  The soup I had was called Xochitl (pronounced Sochil), a delicious spicy blend of broth, chicken, onions, tomatoes and avocado.  I found a recipe for it here and can’t wait to make it once I’m home again!  Did you know that soup on a hot day can make you feel cooler? Steve had a dish of Chilaquiles, a ‘typical’ mexican casserole dish of tortillas, tomatoes, chili’s and cream with beef. We weren’t too impressed, so  I googled and found a recipe for that dish as well, and have to say, I need to make it…the one he had looking nothing like this! Food and recipes, I do believe I’m getting homesick for my own cooking!  Even with a small kitchen here, there’s nothing like home and all the spices and ingredients at my fingertips.

One thing I should mention for those who are considering travel to Costa Rica, to leave the country you must pay an exit fee of $28 US.  I understand that if you wait to do it at the airport you can expect to wait in LONG lines.  We paid our yesterday at the bank in the ICE,  right up the street from our hotel.  Took us all of 10 minutes, no lines and we’re done.  One less thing to deal with at the airport.

My appointment yesterday was at 3 pm, we arrived around 2:30, tired from all the walking, satisfied after a nice lunch and thrift shop finds.  I was in the chair by 2:50 for the root canal.  One of the associate dentists worked on the root canal started by Dr. Marcos.  It was a little unnerving to hear him say it was an unusual tooth w/3 roots instead of 2, so I said “lucky me” to which he replied ‘lucky me too’….oh boy!  Anyway, I guess the tooth wasn’t cooperating and he was unable to finish it.  Plopped in another temporary and I’ll have to go back this morning.

Today will be busy, finish root canal, install temporaries and hopefully, all will be calm in my mouth by the end of the day. We had hoped to do some last minute tourist stuff, now I don’t see that happening.  But having been here this week, we already have a plan for touring outside of San Jose when we return in a few months.

Later.  Karen


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