Last day, I can chew again! woohoo

So, today was in and out of the dentist office, starting with a 10 am appointment to finish up the root canal and a final fitting of the temporaries that will be with me for the next 4-6 months.  We had the first appointment at 10 and the 2nd appointment at 3.  So, surprise!  We got to play tourist a bit!

Our first stop was this lovely restaurant around the corner and down the street from Dr Cavallini’s office, La Estrada.

La Estrada Restaurante, San Jose Costa Rica

It doesn’t look like much at all from the outside, but if you go inside, the back has about 8 tables and is really quaint. One of the doctors past patients who I’ve been emailing and talking with recommended it (thanks Deborah) and she was right…the fish was delicious!  I only wish I had remembered to ask for puré de papas (mashed potatoes) as I had to chew the fries with my front teeth due to no temps yet.  Next time!

We also managed to make it to the Plaza de la Cultura and the Teatro Nacional de Costa Rica(National Theater).  What a beautiful theater!  You can bet I’ll be checking their schedule hopign to see a performance the next time we visit (this summer)!

Teatro Nacional, San Jose, Costa Rica

We had our ‘you won’t believe this’ moment while at the theater.  We’re ready to leave and I see a couple that’s familiar to me, someone I know from a job I used to do in Maine, like 5 years ago!  OMG, now what are the chances of seeing anyone you know when you’re visiting in Central America!  Anyway, it was fun to chat a bit and, of course, I shared my dentist info cause we Americans all need quality dental care at reasonable prices!

One thing I have to say, walking around San Jose as much as we have the past few days, I never felt unsafe.  Everything we had read prior made us wonder what we were going to. Well, it’s fine.  Some areas reminded me of NYC, only in Spanish. We didn’t walk downtown at night, but during the day, it was just fine. We found the Tico’s were wonderful people, very warm and very welcoming.  Cabs are plentiful and very obvious (they’re red and they have a taxi sign on their roof). All the cab drivers started their meters when we got in (no add on charges). Incidently, the meters start at 570, so if you see that, don’t be alarmed.  Anyway, I’d be fine walking on the populated streets as a women by myself, in the daytime, just as I would be in any US city.

So, a little achy from the root canal.  Other than having a screw sticking out in my right lower jaw, I don’t even realize the works been done. The screw is actually the 2 stage implant, it needs to be open until the bone heels around it. It’s truly amazing how minimal the pain has been. The best part is I can chew again, maybe not steak and only one one side, but that was far more than I’ve been able to do all week! So, my dear Steven is sitting here trying to find the perfect dining venue for tonight’s dinner, special place for the foodie who hasn’t been able to eat.

Today is Peach Melba day.  Somewhere, peaches might be in season. Needless to say, I doubt I’ll find Melba in Costa Rica.  I realize all my ‘foodie holidays’ have been a day off schedule since I write my blog the day before. Well, not today….I’m posting two today since I probably won’t have time tomorrow with travel.

Cheers from beautiful, sunny and warm Costa Rica.



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