Back in the USA

After spending all day traveling yesterday, we landed softly into Boston’s 5 degree F weather. I was really very glad to have found that lightweight coat in Costa Rica. I’m sure I looked like a bag lady with all the layers I had on, but it helped.  Poor Steve scraped a thick layer of ice off the car without gloves (I’m such a princess). Note to us, next time at least leave coats and gloves in the car when we travel away in the winter!  Anyway, after dealing with the lost luggage lines (American Airlines lost the luggage for at least 30 passengers traveling from out of country), we still made it home before 3 AM. Now hopefully our suitcase will find it’s way home as well! Many thanks to my daughter for taking care of the house and cats. I came home to a spotless house and happy critters, certainly makes traveling home easier when you get home and there isn’t a pile of work to do! (KLM)

So, how do you gain weight when you’ve gone walking each and every day, up and down some pretty good hills, eaten nothing but soft foods and cut way back on the cocktails?  ughhhh….I would really like to blame it on water retention due to flying all day yesterday. So today, after a load of laundry, I’ll be off to the gym and the grocery store to load up on lots of vegetables and back to counting points on weight watchers.

I need to sit and figure out how the finances of this trip are working out thus far, and try to predict what the end result will be when all the dental work is done. The savings will change a bit due to my having to return this summer.  Overall the savings between the work I needed being done in the states vs in Costa Rica was so significant to begin with, I’m sure things will still work out well in my favor. Plus, Steve and I got to visit a new country (and finally got a stamp on the passports we purchased years ago)! I know that I will need to hit a magic number for this to be tax deductible as well.  Found this article for those interested in taxes and such US Tax Advantages in Medical Tourism | Healthcare. Fortunately, I have my own in house CPA, so, although I can add up the numbers, in the end Steve will be doing the real figuring out of all this stuff!

Today is….drum roll please……National Strawberry Ice Cream Day!  Did I say I had gained weight on this trip?  I think maybe this calls for Skinny Cow‘s Strawberry Cheesecake version!

Cheers…  K


2 thoughts on “Back in the USA

  1. I’ve enjoyed your comments enormously, and they’ve filled in some blanks for me that I haven’t seen in the Topix thread. It seems as if the Christina is either a good hike or a cab ride, and therefore the Cavallini-Marco accommodation might be a better choice for me. I am pushing 80 and will be traveling alone. I look forward to receiving your continuing posts. It is steak day at Casa McDonnell, and I will be attacking it as best I can, given my soon-to-be-addressed dental issues. Connie McD

    • Hi Connie, If I were traveling alone, I would stay at the Cavallini accomodation. It’s very close to downtown, there are some nice ‘Soda’s’ in the area, but more important, the camaraderie there would be great for you. I’ve already thought next time, I might stay there. Not to say that the Christina isn’t very nice, it is, but I really didn’t use the kitchen like I thought I would and I didn’t use the pool at all. Enjoy the steak, it’ll be a long time before I have one again! 🙂

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