I hate teeth!

I hate teeth…there I said it!  Having spent a lifetime of daily flossing, water picking, twice/thrice daily brushing, damn near monthly visits to the dentist, one would think I would have great teeth, but sigh…they haunt me constantly. I have a mouth full of root canals, implants, fillings, crowns and bridges.  Not much untouched, or so I thought.

So where is this rant coming from?  As many of you know, I’ve had my share of dental grief.. After getting my Costa Rica implants in January, I really thought I was all set until I returned to CR in July to get the final crowns…I mean, what else is there. I only had about 6 teeth left that had not been repaired or replaced in some way, but no, that was wishful thinking on my part.

So, two weeks ago, I have sensitivity in a tooth…which in two days blew up into an infection and subsequent root canal.  4 trips to the local dentist, two weeks of antibiotics and it’s still not finished, the tooth refuses to settle down!  My local dentist is an angel, she truly is.  She’s probably not thrilled I went to Costa Rica for all my major work, but she understands and is trying to keep the Root Canal invasion to a minimum as this tooth was on the list to be crowned in July with the others.  Okay, so think this is the end?  Nope….in the middle of all this, I fracture my Costa Rica temporary bridge, so she does a repair and that failed…I’ll be going in this week to get a new temporary bridge, hopefully finish the root canal and believe me, I’ll then be holding my breath until I go to Costa Rica in July.

So there you have it….  I HATE TEETH!


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