Day Three, Impulse Takes Over

There’s nothing like women friends to root you on, offer suggestions and basically convince you to try something new, as in the case of my new Canadian friends, Sharon, Nadine and Sylvia.  Nadine and Sylvia are veterans to the dental clinic here and have figured out their way around the city, including the beauty salons.  Although I was not willing to go for the tattooed eye brows or eye liner, they did convince me to be creative with a haircut, citing that the Columbian stylist near the salon is familiar with styling thick hair, which mine is. So 9 am this morning, before the dentist, I went for a new ‘do’!  And oh boy, what a new do it is for me!  Totally thinned out, my hair feels so healthy and my new girl friends tell me it took 15 years off..Yay for women friends!  🙂

Costa Rica haircut

So, back to dentistry, today was a lot of waiting, had an appointment at 11, finally got into the chair at 1.  Fittings of the metal crowns today, fairly quick, certainly faster than yesterdays fittings!  Best part is I get some time off, I don’t have to return till the day after tomorrow at 5 pm.

Tomorrow, I’m going on a full day tour, I’ll visit a coffee plantation, see a volcano and a lagoon, waterfalls, rainforest, a frog and butterfly garden and who knows what else. Breakfast and lunch included, I’ll be gone from 6:30 am till around 5:00 pm, and I get to see something outside of San Jose.I’ll be sure to pack all the essentials, good walking sneakers, rain jacket, extra clothes, bug spray and of course, my camera! Can’t wait! Too bad Steve wasn’t here to enjoy with me, maybe we can come back sometime without it being a dental trip!

A few more pictures of the hotel. Imagine waking up and walking outside into a tropical garden in the middle of the city.

That’s it for today.


View from outside my room, Hotel Cacts, San Jose, Costa Rica


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