Touring Costa Rica

What a beautiful day today, couldn’t have been better, no rain, no dentist appointments and I finally got away from San Jose to see how beautiful the country of Costa Rica truly is!

Today my new friend Sharon and I took an all day tour. It was the Combo Tour by Costa Rica Guides. We went to the Poas Volcano National Park, visited a coffee plantation and the La Paz Waterfall gardens.  The tour bus held 10 plus the driver and tour guide.  The 10 of us represented Canada, New Hampshire, California, Ohio and Great Britain.  By the end of the day, we all felt like old friends, a great group to tour with!

The tour started at the Daka Coffee Estate with breakfast and a wonderful explanation of the coffee process, from plant to bean to coffee pot.  From there, we drove through a cloud forest to get to the Poas Volcano National Park.  The sky was blue and clear and we were all truly hoping we would be that 20% who actually get to see the volcano, but that was not the case today.  When you have hot springs and cool air, you get thick fog, they say sometimes the wind is right and blows the fog so you can see.  We waited and waited, but not today. The walk was awesome though, thru the forest, the vegetation was truly beautiful!

Poas Volcano Fogged in


From there we headed to the La Paz waterfall garden, but it’s so much more than waterfalls!  Our tour started in a nature park where we toured the remarkable aviary, filled with beautiful Toucans, Macaws and so many more delightful birds.  The butterfly garden featured many species of colorful butterflies that landed on our hands, shoulders, cameras and so on.  Continuing thru the park, there are monkey and snake exhibits, frogs, large wild cats and even a hummingbird exhibit, where the birds were so tame, they came to feeders within inches of me!

Lunch was also included in our package, which was a full buffet of typical Costa Rica foods, plus traditional foods, in an open air restaurant surrounded by water gardens. Just lovely.

Our final tour was also at the La Paz, where we walked thru the rain forest to view 4 breathtaking waterfalls.  At the end of the day, we were exhausted, happy that the weather was so perfect, sunburned (what can I tell you, I’m a blonde and I burn) and according to my pedometer, we logged 13700 steps!

So, tonight, I’ll finish this up, prune thru the 100’s of pictures I took, order food in cause I’m just too darn tired to go out,bid Adieu to my new friends who are leaving for 4 days of San Jose beach early tomorrow and crash!

Sylvia, Sharon and Nadine, my new Canadian friends

I enjoyed my day ”off, tomorrow I’ll do a little museum hopping here in San Jose and stop at the bank to pay my exit fees before my Dentist appointment…I might even sleep in!

Till tomorrow



6 thoughts on “Touring Costa Rica

    • Always fun to amuse! Thanks for reading my stuff! Hows the new camera working out? I tried to lighten the travel load and only brought my point and shoot, mistake…Miss my Nikon!

      • No, you’re welcome. I haven’t tried it yet, hahaa… Today, I spent all day watching movie(poor me). So what happened to your Nikon? Was it ok?

      • Oh, my Nikon is just fine, sitting at home in New Hampshire. Sometimes I find a big camera bulky, however, after this trip, I find the big camera absolutely necessary! All day watching a movie? Tired of adventure?

      • Ah, sound good to me that your Nikon is still healthy. I thought the same like you. I really need it during a trip. Good photos make us a good memory haha… Today here(Japan) is just a start of Golden week, consecutive holidays. We can have one week off, so everyone is rushing to the airport, traffic jam since the early morning. To me, I hate traveling during this time. Price of everything is up,..and crowded. I rather stay home and watch my favorite movies.

  1. I can’t wait to see your photo’s. My son was over there last year as an exchange student. Students were evacuated after the disaster, such a tragedy, so he missed that holiday.

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