Walking San Jose

Today was all about walking and taking care of necessary business. First stop, get the hair styled. Since my new ‘do’ now requires a flat-iron, which I didn’t bring, I figure, it’s cheaper to go over and have the stylist do it, otherwise, I’m a mess of waves and the cut makes no sense at all!

After getting that all ‘straightened out’ (pun intended), one of the other patients and I walked over to the ICE to take care of getting some money exchanged and pay our $28 exit fees. The Ice is where Ticas take care of their energy bills as well as banking, it’s about an 8 block walk from the Hotel Cacts. I also wanted to pick up some natural aloe vera gel that my friend Sylvia told me about and that was available at the Mas X Menos (a large supermarket), another reason to take the walk in that direction. After yesterday, I could use some sunburn relief! Of course, we’re out there walking in the mid day sun, adding a little more to my summer glow!  I saw a few locals carrying umbrellas for the sun, you can bet that gets added to my tote bag next time I venture out!

The Ice is located across the street from Parque La Sabana, a wonderful oasis of trees, playgrounds and walking and jogging paths which was once the site of the national airport. It’s right next door to the Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, a beautiful multi purpose stadium that was completed in 2011, financed mostly by the Chinese government. We really wanted to get a peek inside, but like most things in San Jose, the stadium was totally surrounded by fencing and guard posts and the guard posts were empty.  Got a decent pictures though.

Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica, San Jose

Today it was a glorious sunny 30 Celsius (about 87) degree day.  We logged close to 9000 steps and that’s before 2 pm!I remember when I first started researching coming to San Jose for dentistry, I read many times how it was unsafe to walk in San Jose.  I have never felt unsafe walking here.  That could be because I’m originally a city girl, but really, it’s just like any place else.  Be smart, don’t wear a bunch of jewelry, don’t go walking alone at night and keep your wits about you and you will be fine! The only thing you should worry about are the pot holes, the huge gulley’s at the sides of the streets created for rain run off when they hit their rainy season and the uneven sidewalks. Now those are definitely dangerous!

The dentist office was a long, long wait, Arrived around 4:45 and didn’t get into the chair till around 7.  They adjusted the fit of all the permanent crowns, which are sent back to the lab for polishing and porcelain touch ups.  I go back at 9 am in the morning to have them finally ‘installed’, will get some whitening on my natural teeth to make things all blend in and I’ll get fitted with a nigh guard to protect my investment.  They want me to hang around a day though to make sure everything ‘feels’ right before I go home.

Had dinner at Maria Bonita, a little Mexican restaurant around the corner from Hotel Cacts, great authentic food.  If you go there you must try the Sea Bass Veracruez, yummy!  Sea Bass is hard to find and truly expensive in New Hampshire, so it’s a real treat to find it’s one of the cheaper fish here in San Jose!

14348 steps logged today…woohoo!




2 thoughts on “Walking San Jose

  1. Don’t want to disappoint you, but they call almost any kind of fish sea bass in Costa Rica. You are getting the real thing if the name is more specific like Red Snapper

    • Oh No, Ruth, Burst my bubble! That said, I did think the flavor was a little less ‘buttery’ than the Sea Bass I’ve had over here, but I thought it was the cooking! Thanks for the clarification, I won’t feel so bad next time I pay big bucks for Sea Bass here in NH! Thanks for visiting!

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