Last Day in the Waiting Room, a Photo Op

Yesterday, I mentioned the cost of all the dental work I had done here in Costa Rica.  I also mentioned the travel cost as being around $4000.  I want to clarify that a bit, that includes 2 round trips to Costa Rica (plus a few change fees) and about 14 days of hotel and food.  There, that sounds better now, doesn’t it!  Now, if you can get immediate load implants, meaning they crown them 7 days or so after they put them in, then you might be able to get away with one trip if you stay a full 2 weeks.  Now that would be a serious savings over US or Canadian costs!

Here’s a picture of my last day sitting in the waiting room, (special thanks to photographer Rob Beukema for letting me use the photo).  I’m the one seated directly across from the TV, with the laptop. This was the larger of 3 waiting rooms, of which all usually full from 9 am till 8 pm, about 80% American or Canadian, 10% other countries and 10% Tica’s.

Anyway, I wanted to clarify that before I got on with telling you about my awesome last day.  So, stay tuned, I’m off touring the countryside today.

Chao!  “K”


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