Sleepless with a Head Cold in Seattle

I had great intentions to write more this week, since dear Steve and I are in Seattle visiting my Amazonian son.  I say Amazonian because Bryan landed a job with the great shopping company last December, right out of college and moved in January.  Anyway, as I was saying, I truly meant to write more, but after landing here last Tuesday I came down with the worst headcold, true misery.  But true to form, that didn’t stop me.  We managed to do more than our share of site seeing and such, it just meant that as soon as we made it back to our room at night, I totally crashed and there was just no energy to write.  So, dear readers, those of you who manage to read all my ramblings, I’ll try to keep my recap reasonable!

Seattle is great.  I was here briefly about 20 years ago or so, but didn’t play tourist much. We found a lovely room listed on Airbnb, not too much of a walking distance from my son’s place. Siena, the host, not only thinks of everything you could possibly need or want to know, she also made me a super naturopathic  nasal spray to help me feel better!  If you’re going to Seattle, it’s a great place to stay!

Just to highlight a few things we did; Since Bryan’s birthday is the end of this month, we decided to surprise him with a birthday experience, a helicopter tour of Seattle.  Amazingly, we also managed to get a Japanese speaking pilot, all the better for Bryan, since he enjoys using his language skills! All I can say is WOW!  Not only did we have an absolutely perfect day weather wise, the views were fantastic and best of all, it’s not something Bryan has ever done before!

Space Needle from Helicopter

The other thing for Bryan’s birthday was a memory book I had created for him, basically a selection of photo’s from when he was an infant to the present, with captions.  A book that hopefully reflects how proud this mom is of her son and how proud he should be of himself, he’s come such a long way to get where he is now.  Bryan graduated college right before Christmas and moved a few weeks after, there was no time to celebrate and he doesn’t care for parties and such, so months ago, I sent out a request to friends and teachers, inviting them to share in a virtual celebration of Bryan’s graduation by sending a card which I would include in his memory book.  Letters came in and I kept them sealed for Bryan to open, what a great reflection of his life…special hugs go out to all who sent well wishes and for sharing your stories. Especially MB, who shared a kindergarten story that brought a huge grin to Bryan’s face!

We had 3 full days in Seattle, not nearly enough to do all that we would have liked to do, but we hit a few things that I’d recommend. We went to the Boening factory (recommend), took photo’s from high up in Kerry Park (highly recommend), hit the Museum of Flight (we didn’t get there until 3 and they close at 5, not nearly enough time), Pike Place Market (we barely scratched the surface here, not wanting to spend time shopping) and, of course, walked and walked the streets of Seattle (yes, I made my 10000 steps daily and then some, in spite of my cold!

Pike Place Market, Seattle..only a few blocks from Bryan’s apartment

One of many Fish Markets, Pike Place, Seattle

Sunset from Kerry Park, Seattle, WA

Anyway, Seattle was the first stop of almost 2 weeks away, now we’re in Napa for a conference. My cold is starting to abate, I think…hopefully, or maybe the great wine is helping mask the symptoms!

Cheers…and Happy Mothers Day!