Another finished project before another trip to Costa Rica

So, although I’ve always known it, many don’t, but I am the queen of multitasking. I always seem to have more than one book or project going at any given time. The laundry room remains ‘half’ done, as my wheels keep turning on how best to finish it.  My dear daughter and I even drove an hour and a half to our nearest Ikea for inspiration, all that did was put a totally unrelated dent in my credit card! The garage pile of furniture is finally starting to whittle down, thanks to my throwing my hands up and putting a few pieces on Craigslist. With a single car garage, I truly do not have the room to multitask with furniture pieces!

Anyway, I did finish another piece of furniture. This was a nasty piece from, hmmm, the early 70’s?  The top was melamine and the veneer around the top edge had been peeling.  Here’s the before:

This project I decided to experiment with spray paint.  So, I grabbed a couple of cans of sand beige and forest green.  I think it turned out pretty nice, don’t you?

For my dental tourism readers, stay tuned….the adventure is about to begin again!  This time my darling 20 year old daughter is going for work, so it’s up up and away this weekend for this mother daughter team.  We’ll be in Costa Rica for 8 days, and as before, much of it will be spent in dental waiting rooms.  I’ll tell you all about it real soon.

Stay tuned!



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