Laundry overhaul, the reveal!

I figured it was time to do the great reveal, especially since the laundry area has been completed for months now (and I know you’ve just been dying to ask me about it)!

As you can see, my laundry area is basically in a hallway right off the kitchen and the 1/2 bath, not much room to work with and even less room to get a full head on picture! I thought about putting in bifold doors, but it would limit the opening so much that I wouldn’t be able to fit what I wanted in there.  So, for now, I have a plain beige linen curtain, not exciting, but it works.  Here’s what the hallway looks like:

The laundry area is behind the curtain.  The curtain is something I still want to change at some point!

The laundry area is behind the curtain. The curtain is something I still want to change at some point!

Things that were important to me….having shelves that I could reach, for detergents and my ever full orphan sock pile; having a space for my drying rack, since I never ever dry lingerie or my favorite black t shirts; having  a place to hang shirts; and having a place for a laundry basket. Given that this opening isn’t much more than 5 feet wide, not an easy task. It took me countless hours on Pinterest and Google to find ideas I liked and even then, took to my own tweaking.  I was asking a lot of a small space!

As you may recall, my washer and dryer used to be side by side on pedestals.  I only used one of the pedestal drawers, had no storage space, and the drying rack lived in constant in the hallway. So, first thing I knew I had to do was get rid of the pedestals, reluctantly, cause I now knew I’d had to stoop down to get in and out of the washer, but this was a sacrifice I was willing to make to get organized.

Here’s what I had before:  july projects 002

and now here’s the after:

DSCN0301[1]It’s hard to see, but everything I wished for is there.  To the left of the washer we have the shelves, I needed something only 12″ wide, so stacked 2 closet maid vertical organizers on top of one another, woohoo, $30! The top basket holds lingerie bags and misc crap, then the fabric boxes below hold stain sticks etc and one holds orphan socks!  (how we always end up w/orphan socks is beyond me, but if I throw them away, the mates WILL show up!

Closet Maid Vertical Organizers stacked gave me the storage space I needed!

Closet Maid Vertical Organizers stacked gave me the storage space I needed!

So, accessible shelf request, solved. Next was the drying rack.  At one point, I could count 3 different drying racks in this house, but none would fit in the space to the right of the washer dryer stacked.  That is until I went to Ikea and found this one.  Granted, I can’t swing open the arms of this thing (it’s huge), but I can use most of it, which is what I needed for the space. Now I can hang clothes to dry and they’re hidden in the closet!


The drying rack also allows for me to tuck a laundry basket under it, bargain!  Hanging on the side of the dryer is a clothes pin bag my daughter made (yes, in the spring, I hang things out on a line), behind the clothes rack is a stool, which I need to get at the shelving above the rack.


The shelving above the rack holds the electronic brains of house: Modem, Router which are both plugged into a UPS (Uninterupted power supply).  The shelf below it holds extra hand towels for the laundry room. Under the bottom shelf, I hung a cheapo wood towel bar from Home Depot, which turns out perfect for items on hangers!

So, there you have it…My organized laundry space!

Stay warm and cozy!  We’re gearing up for 2-3 feet of snowfall here in New Hampshire!  Woohoo!



2 thoughts on “Laundry overhaul, the reveal!

  1. Hey Midlife, Maybe some day you could make (or buy) a sort of shogi screen that would enable you to lose the curtain but not have to deal with bifolds permanently. ❤ Kristi

    • Kristi, I actually thought about that, but there’s really no place to tuck the screen away when I use the area (the rack stays where it is and it is literally right up against the washer, so there’s no room for a screen folded in there). Love the idea and how it would look though! 🙂

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